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MAD Rewards uses DevRev’s AI to modernize customer support

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The Company

Don’t you love those offers, vouchers, and reward points you get for staying loyal to a brand? How do businesses make it happen? By partnering with companies like MAD Rewards.

MAD Rewards is a global platform focused on helping businesses create loyalty programs that enhance customer engagement. They’re present in over 67 countries and have partnerships with over 10,000 to 12,000 merchants. MAD Rewards offers customizable white-label loyalty programs, ensuring easy implementation and rapid deployment.

We spoke with Pradeep Venkat, Head of Technology at MAD Rewards, on the challenges they faced with their previous support platform, their experience moving to DevRev, and the visible results they saw with a new system in place.

The Challenge

Complex and manual support ops: MAD Rewards had a large in-house customer support team operating across 70 countries and supporting almost nine languages. Before DevRev, when a customer required support, they'd have to email in a ticket. The team would then get the tickets from their previous support platform, assign them, and proceed to resolve the query.

Cost doesn't equal value: Pradeep believes that when more cost-effective alternatives fit the budget and enhance the businesses at the same time, it is the right way to go.

I'm not going to let something just slide by knowing the fact that we have to pay a hefty price for it when there are alternatives.

Pradeep VenkatHead of Technology, MAD Rewards

Need for modernizing customer support: When MAD Rewards upgraded their five-year-old platform with modern capabilities, they also wanted to enhance their customer experience and make it easy for customers to reach support. They tried to move away from being an only email-based support system to a platform with advanced capabilities such as live chat and AI-driven responses.

The Solution

When Pradeep first met with DevRev, he loved the concept of driving the voice of the customer from the support to the engineering teams. The main problem most teams face is the customer support agent being unable to translate the necessary level of information clearly to the engineer to fix the problem, leading to a lot of back-and-forth.

If it's got the capability to use neural language to translate what a developer is trying to say into customer comprehensible language, I think that's a fantastic achievement. And then it just significantly cuts the time it takes for a customer to get their resolution and communication. You remove the friction and alleviate the need for customers to follow up.

Pradeep VenkatHead of Technology, MAD Rewards

For MAD Rewards, DevRev ticked all of the boxes:

1. Plug-and-play: MAD Rewards wanted a system that worked out of the box and had easy integration options. We did not have the bandwidth amongst all our customer engagements to do in-house development to integrate into a platform.says Pradeep.

DevRev’s wide range of add-on modules, also known as Snap-ins, allows businesses to easily automate manual tasks and integrate the platform with the existing systems.

2. Easy migration: As with any new system, MAD Rewards was worried about the headache that comes with migrating to a new system.

We wanted ease of ability to migrate from our existing CRM into something that'll seamlessly bring in all our ticketing data, not necessarily having to do manual effort again.

Pradeep VenkatHead of Technology, MAD Rewards

With DevRev's AirDrop, MAD Rewards could seamlessly transfer data with minimal effort.

3. Modern AI-powered platform: In addition to email, MAD Rewards was able to support their customers on chat. This helped them cut down the time-consuming back-and-forth that comes with email. They even automated replies for basic questions that have straightforward answers where:

  • The customer explains the problem
  • The bot asks a follow-up question
  • The customer explains the next level

Based on the customer reply, the chatbot provides clear, contextual replies and relevant links for further clarification.

Through AI, the amount of tickets we need to respond to now is significantly reduced

Pradeep VenkatHead of Technology, MAD Rewards

4. Cost-effective: As a small to medium enterprise, MAD Rewards was very mindful of the costs. DevRev fit within their budget and came at a substantially better price point.

If there's an opportunity to cut costs using modern technologies, artificial intelligence, and pattern learning, so that when a customer comes, you know exactly what they're looking for, you better jump on it. So I was confident that DevRev ticked all the boxes and we decided to switch.

Pradeep VenkatHead of Technology, MAD Rewards

The results were visible. With DevRev, MAD Rewards was able to easily migrate to the a modern, AI-powered solution:


  • Manual processes with email based support
  • Huge customer support team spread across the globe, supporting customers in a complex, manual process
  • Significant cost overhead


  • AI-powered chatbot deflecting a huge portion of the basic incoming queries, in addition to email and live chat support
  • Customer support scaled down to a team of two, handling complex queries that require human intervention.
  • Cost-effective and optimized support operations, while maintaining customer satisfaction

Looking ahead

Pradeep believes the best customer service is when the customer does not have to reach out for support; instead, the system is robust enough to predict outages and keep customers informed.

But having said that, when a customer does need support, what I think is going to be super important is going to be communication at the end of the day. You have to keep the customer appraised before a customer thinks about the problem again. And those are the kind of things that I think push a customer from being just a customer to a delighted customer.

Pradeep VenkatHead of Technology, MAD Rewards

The future is not just about fewer tickets or resolving them faster. It's about having no tickets at all. And that’s precisely what DevRev aims to achieve for digital businesses.

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