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Goodmeetings uses PLuG to reduce ticket resolution time

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The Company

Goodmeetings is a rapidly growing India-based company founded in 2021. Its cutting-edge online video and AI-enabled platform has made significant strides in the sales intelligence industry. With its headquarters located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, the company has a talented team of 11-50 employees dedicated to revolutionizing remote sales.

Goodmeetings provides an end-to-end platform for remote sales that empowers sales reps with actionable summaries and Slack notifications to enhance their pitching abilities in their next meeting.

The Challenge

Alok Mishra, the co-founder and CTO of Goodmeetings, discussed the pain points his team faced prior to using DevRev. They wasted a lot of time on data mismatches that occurred on a daily basis due to the use of various disconnected tools. This made the Goodmeetings team less efficient in conveying customer issues to the developers and having them prioritize and work on those issues.

I’ve been leading teams for almost a decade and in my previous companies too, tracking customer tickets has always been a huge pain.

Alok MishraCo-founder & CTO, Goodmeetings

According to Mishra, despite searching extensively, they were unable to find a single tool that could effectively address their needs until they integrated DevRev.

The Solution

Before DevRev, they used various tools such as Atlassian's JIRA, Bitbucket, and Confluence, but faced issues with data discrepancies and outdated interfaces. They also used homegrown solutions like Slack and WhatsApp for customer communication, but logging interactions manually was a challenge. With DevRev, they were able to solve these issues and bring their team closer to their customers.

Mishra noted that "Before DevRev, we used to waste more time in meetings. In our organization, we use it in our weekly meetings, our customer success team uses it regularly, our sales team uses it to file bugs, and our customers use the support widget to directly have conversations with us."

DevRev makes the whole organization feel much more in sync because the digital divide has disappeared.

Alok MishraCo-founder & CTO, Goodmeetings

DevRev's features, such as the PLuG widget for live help chat and the integration with Slack threads, have been game-changers for the Goodmeetings team. They are also excited about the DevRev Marketplace and plan to continue using DevRev as they expand their platform and improve their customer service. Mishra also highlighted the benefits of DevRev, stating that customer experience has improved because of the velocity.

I can't think of anything else which has changed because we are still the same people, the customer support team remains the same and now with DevRev, we are more efficient.

Top Features

  • PLuG, in-app customer center
  • Team inbox for customer conversations
  • Tickets triage and management
  • Ticket clustering and attribution to product
  • Automatic updates
  • Convergence automation
  • Customised automatic responses
  • Snap-ins
  • Slack integration
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Insights

The Benefits

  • Ability to push Slack threads directly into tickets using DevRev integration DevRev PLuG widget as a live help chat, replacing multiple tools
  • DevRev Marketplace for snap-ins to push meeting action items and summaries into DevRev directly as ticket
  • Use of generative AI in customer support for tracking and building intelligence in knowledge base
  • Improved customer experience due to increased efficiency and velocity of the customer support team with the use of DevRev

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