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Descope drives its PLG motion using a single consolidated inbox

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April 2022




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The Company

Descope is an identity management platform that helps developers build secure frictionless authentication and user journeys for any application. The company was founded in April 2022 by a team of cybersecurity experts and is based in Los Altos, CA.

Co-founder of Descope, Gilad Shriki, brings over ten years of experience in the cybersecurity industry and has a keen focus on customer success and innovation. The idea for Descope was inspired by the success of the founding team's previous company, Demisto.

Descope’s mission is to provide app developers with modern, hassle-free user authentication workflows, offering secure passwordless methods such as social logins, SAML SSO, OTP, magic links, and biometrics to abstract away implementation details and risk management. By taking care of auth, Descope helps developers spend more time on core app initiatives.

The Challenge

The recent spate of data breaches and cyber-attacks have underscored the importance of robust authentication, and Descope is committed to enhancing security for all users by providing the best service for their customers at scale.

And the team knew what it would take to build a product-led company, “There will be customers that are on our free forever tier, which is awesome. I cannot justify a two hundred-person team to support that scale...We need to look at the digital journey and digitization of the customer journey.” Descope wanted to engage their customers in context: in-app, in forums, email, Slack, etc. They knew that sending their users to a separate ticketing portal wasn’t going to cut it. The immediacy of the interaction was important.

With nearly a decade of experience running Customer Success teams, Shriki is keenly aware of the unique challenges teams will face in the upcoming decade.

As the world evolves, you’ll see more customer success products like DevRev that automate the journey and provide customer insights and less that require a CSM to call customers and type notes. There are too many products like this and too few products that automate that process.

Gilad ShrikiCo-founder, Descope

He knew that providing quick and accurate live support is only half the battle. They also need to automate customer journeys in a reliable way.

The Solution

Descope anticipated challenges in providing top-notch service at scale and that’s where DevRev came in. “In some ways, I think creating a self-service product is even harder than hiring an enterprise sales team,” says Shriki, “but the reward is much better because now, we can see people joining the product in a self-service manner and actually deploying it without talking to us. DevRev shines in these situations because we don’t need to provision anything, customers can open tickets if they’re on our console and have a question, they hit us in DevRev and we answer right there.”

Thanks to DevRev's extensible, API-first platform, Descope has enabled seamless self-service, all while automating its customer success efforts. By tapping into DevRev's platform, Descope has been able to connect to third-party products and tools, as well as implement powerful automation and digital assistance. Shriki is sure that the future of customer success will rely less on human input and more on automation and scalability - and thanks to DevRev, Descope is ahead of the curve.

But the benefits don't stop there. DevRev's platform has allowed Descope to streamline their self-service process by managing support requests from different channels in a single, easy-to-use inbox. This makes it a breeze for their customers to engage with Descope's product, get answers quickly, and provide product feedback. And with DevRev's ability to connect everything, Descope is able to stay connected to their users even when those users aren't actively using their product.

The ability of DevRev to connect everything, so users can actually send me an email and it will hit my single pane of glass Inbox, that’s immense, that’s important. I see one view of all the conversations I’ve had with them. That’s the key for me.

Gilad ShrikiCo-founder, Descope

All in all, DevRev has been the key to helping Descope design a truly self-service product and provide top-notch support to its users.

Descope is just getting started and aims to become the best authentication journey platform out there in part by pushing automation and digital assistance. According to Shriki, “This is where DevRev comes to life...One of the things that we want to do next with DevRev is to configure our widget, so that DevRev replies automatically to users when they ask questions, and we can serve them knowledge-base articles, or even documentation links."

Descope also plans to use DevRev for journey orchestration. "We can know where the customer is because DevRev is in our console and it knows what customers are doing and pop up different notifications and assistance to them. I think you can see the thread here: digital and scale. For me, this is the number one priority for our service motion today: make sure that the product provides self-service and guidance at the scale that we need to support a PLG motion.”

Top Features

  • PLuG, in-app customer center
  • Team inbox for customer conversations
  • Tickets triage and management
  • Multi-channel support with Slack, Email, and PLuG
  • Ticket clustering and attribution to product
  • Automatic updates
  • Convergence automation
  • Customized automatic responses
  • Customer record management
  • Knowledge base deflection
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Metric and insights

The Benefits

  • API-first platform enabled PLG and self-service, and automated customer success
  • The ability to connect everything made it easier for Descope's team to manage support requests from different channels in a single pane of glass.
  • The extensible platform has been instrumental in enabling Descope's product-led growth.
  • Streamlined the self-service motion for Descope's users, enabling them to open tickets and receive support without needing a lot of provisioning mechanisms. Helped Descope provide the best service at scale and maintain user authentication in a secure and frictionless fashion.
  • Enabled Descope to design a truly self-service product and provide users with immediate and seamless support.
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The results


Grew from 10M to 300M

Daily participants between December 2019 and April 2020

100% SLAs met

All SLAs met in 2022 with 100% success predicted for 2023

5× faster customer response

Tickets closed over 5 times faster that any quarter since opening.