DevRev welcomes Athila Armstrong as Head of Design

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DevRev welcomes Athila Armstrong as Head of Design

We are excited to announce the addition of Áthila Armstrong to the DevRev's leadership team!

Joining us as the Head of Design, Áthila Armstrong brings over 20 years of leadership experience in visual, user interface, and interaction design.

With the recent launch of our platform, AgentOS, DevRev is aiming at forging a new path between product, customer, and AI.

The timing couldn't be better to welcome Áthila into our Design Org where his focus on creating long-lasting customer relationships through product design will be invaluable.

Our CEO and Founder, Dheeraj Pandey, calls hiring Áthila a game-changer.

At DevRev, we're taking cues from consumer apps to make our software fast, personalized, and accurate. With Áthila's leadership and his deep experience, we're changing the way support and product teams work by connecting them to the product, customer, and AI agents.

Dheeraj PandeyFounder & CEO, DevRev

At DevRev, our mission is to connect creators (Dev) to their audience (Rev). When employees embrace a "product-thinking" mindset, customer focus becomes ingrained in our company culture.

This aligns serendipitously with Áthila's vision, creating a synergistic approach that benefits both makers and customers.

I believe in DevRev's mission to empower developers to build customer-centric products. I'm ready to build a team that will assist them in creating an exceptional AI-powered product experience for users that will make DevRev an even more beloved brand.

Áthila ArmstrongHead of Design, DevRev

Áthila has shaped exceptional user experiences for design-driven brands like Airbnb, where he spearheaded redesigning their entire Design Language System ( DLS ), significantly boosting user engagement.

His expertise in experience design defined the Airbnb experience for today's customers.

Before that, Áthila was responsible for leading the design team at Meta, which introduced new features like the Facebook AR Camera and Platform, Facebook AR Studio, and Facebook Stories and improved the company's main products.

Áthila Armstrong's impressive track record is poised to propel DevRev's innovative goals forward.

At DevRev, Áthila will lead Product Design, MarCom, and User Research teams, shaping new AI tools, including AI agents, that redefine support integration, product management, and software development.

This strengthened focus on merging AI with superior product design will result in a fast, intuitive, and connected platform to fuel the growth of the next generation of SaaS companies.

Welcome to the team, Áthila! We're excited to have you with us and wish you all the best at DevRev.

Akshaya Seshadri
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