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Spintly uses DevRev to bridge the gap between developers and end-users

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51 - 200


August 2018


Milpitas, California


Software development

The Company

Spintly, a California-based wireless cloud-based access control company, has gained significant traction in the industry since its establishment in August 2018. The company, led by CEO Rohin Parkar, has quickly become a major player in the market, providing an innovative platform that streamlines access control for users and office spaces, leveraging the power of smartphone devices. With a strong team of 51-100 employees and a focus on the cloud-based access control industry, Spintly has carved out a unique position, offering hassle-free and secure access control solutions to their clients.

The Challenge

Spintly encountered a significant hurdle when attempting to convey customer issues to their developers in a way that prioritized the most crucial problems. Despite experimenting with various tools, including sales CRM, ticketing software, and issue tracking systems, the company was unable to find a solution that met their needs. Utilizing multiple tools created more problems than it solved, leading to a frustrating experience for both Spintly and their customers. As Parkar explains, "The biggest pain point was being able to convey customer problems to our developers and having them prioritize and work on those issues."

We had to resort to using multiple tools: a sales CRM, ticketing software, and an issue tracking system. We then had to create integrations and make them work seamlessly. We couldn't find one tool that would work for us.

Rohin ParkarCo-founder & CEO, Spintly

Despite Spintly's best efforts, they were unable to find a single tool that met their needs, prompting them to search for an all-in-one solution that connected their developers to their customers. That’s how DevRev came to the rescue.

The Solution

According to Parkar, DevRev was the solution that Spintly was searching for. Initially, Spintly used DevRev as a ticketing tool. However, they soon discovered that the system was product-centric, allowing them to define their product and its features in great detail, even at the microservices level. This level of detail made it possible for Spintly to connect tickets to various components of their product, which automatically routed the issues to the right developer without requiring manual assignment. Doing so helped Spintly keep all their customer conversations, tickets, and issues in one location, resulting in quicker issue resolution and an enhanced customer experience.

Spintly leveraged DevRev's PLuG feature to take a product-centric approach to define their product in a visual manner, enabling them to integrate with their website. This allowed Spintly to present a more comprehensive and holistic view of their product, leading to an even more robust and efficient development process.

DevRev has revolutionized the way we manage customer issues. With DevRev's platform, our developers can prioritize which issues to fix quickly. The faster we resolve issues, the better the customer experience becomes.

Rohin ParkarCo-founder & CEO, Spintly

DevRev has provided an end-to-end system that is product-centric and enables the company to define their product in great detail. By connecting tickets to different parts of their product, Spintly can efficiently route issues to the right developer, resulting in a faster and more efficient development process.

Top Features

  • PLuG, in-app customer center
  • Team inbox for customer conversations
  • Tickets triage and management
  • Ticket clustering and attribution to product
  • Automatic updates
  • Convergence automation
  • Customized automatic responses
  • Reminders
  • Customer record management
  • Knowledge base deflection
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Metric and insights

The Benefits

  • Product-centric approach with the ability to define products in a visual manner and link them together.
  • Email integration for seamless ticket creation from customer emails and the ability to start a conversation through the PLuG widget on the web portal.
  • Developers are able to quickly prioritize issues to be fixed, resulting in a better customer experience.

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