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Shipsy streamlines logistics with real-time in-app support

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Logistics Platform

The Company

Shipsy offers a suite of cutting-edge digital solutions that help businesses streamline their logistics processes and optimize their supply chain operations. By harnessing the power of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation, Shipsy's platform provides end-to-end visibility, real-time tracking, and efficient management of shipments, enabling companies to make informed decisions on logistics. With an unwavering commitment to customer success, Shipsy is a trusted partner for businesses navigating the world of global trade and transportation.

We process close to 5 million shipments a day on our new age AI-first logistics platform.

Dhruv AgrawalCOO & Co-founder, Shipsy

Shipsy provided customer support primarily through email and a customer portal, which was powered by Jira Service Desk. However, they recognized the need to enhance their support capabilities by offering in-app support and real-time assistance. As a result, they began exploring alternative solutions and came across DevRev Support. We spoke to Dhruv Agrawal, Co-founder & COO of Shipsy to know why they chose DevRev.

The Challenge

A typical ticketing platform creates different silos within an organization. How do I bring support and product teams together to ensure a seamless experience for all types of users - from delivery partners to execs?

Dhruv AgrawalCOO & Co-founder, Shipsy

Shipsy faced three main challenges with their existing customer support tool. Firstly, customer support was limited to email and a customer portal, rather than being integrated directly into their product. This hindered their ability to capture context and address user issues in real-time. The lack of direct access to real-time information from within their app resulted in disconnected data and a sub-par user experience. Additionally, Shipsy was using Jira for issue management, so it was important to find an alternative support software that could work alongside Jira without disrupting their engineering efforts.

The Solution

Customer support on the Shipsy app is now powered by DevRev Support. Here's how we addressed their challenges and improved the customer experience for their users.

Being accessible where the users are

A lot of our user’s queries today is getting handled by DevRev’s AI bot. A lot of these requests don't require human intervention, saving time not just for the support team but also for the customer. It's a wonderful experience, because users don't have to wait.

Dhruv AgrawalCOO & Co-founder, Shipsy

Shipsy users can now reach out for support directly from within the app. This is made possible through PLuG, DevRev’s in-app chat widget. The GPT-powered bot in the chat widget provides instant responses to customer queries. The bot, powered by DevRev’s Turing AI, deflects queries on its own and suggests relevant articles. Additionally, Shipsy users can also reach out for help on a dedicated customer support portal.

Capturing real-time context

Sentiment analysis and summarization has helped us in terms of understanding and prioritizing. Triaging the issues is much faster, much better. Things that need immediate attention get a quicker response.

Dhruv AgrawalCOO & Co-founder, Shipsy

With DevRev Support, Shipsy's customer support teams can now analyze the sentiment of a user from their conversations. This enables support engineers to understand the underlying emotions expressed by the users in their interactions. By gauging the sentiment of the conversations, Shipsy is able to prioritize issues that need immediate attention, and address them more effectively.

Giving users full visibility

Now, users raise queries, search for information, and create tickets directly within our app - without ever having to leave it. That’s how we upgraded our support with DevRev.

Dhruv AgrawalCOO & Co-founder, Shipsy

DevRev Support automates ticket creation from user conversations within the Shipsy app. As users reach out for support through PLuG, the in-app chat widget, Turing AI analyzes the queries and automatically creates a ticket with relevant information, eliminating the need for manual ticket creation. Once a ticket is created, Shipsy users have real-time updates on the status and resolution of their issues. Users can conveniently track the progress of their tickets and receive updates directly within the Shipsy app. Users also have the option to create different subtypes of tickets on the customer portal.

Coexisting with Jira

With DevRev, we can strongly focus on support not just to reactively resolve issues but to proactively ensure product improvements even before users report a problem. The integrated views across user issues, product metrics, and cross-team context gives us unmatched visibility into indicators that can be tackled decisively instead of escalating.

Dhruv AgrawalCOO & Co-founder, Shipsy

Since Shipsy coordinated their engineering efforts using Jira, it was essential for DevRev to coexist alongside. Shipsy was able to migrate all their knowledge base articles, which were previously on Jira Confluence, to DevRev using the Confluence KB snap-in on DevRev. The native Jira integration on DevRev meant support teams could automatically create Jira issues for the product and engineering teams to address. The DevRev Airdrop feature ensured that any comments made by the engineering team on issues in Jira would also reflect in DevRev in real-time and vice versa. A Slack-like interface helped the support and product teams to collaborate seamlessly and solve issues faster. It also allows Shipsy’s support teams to stay fully informed about the status of development and enhancement.

Automating support ops autonomously

There are always things we would like to do or automate in our own way. The ability to build our own automations within DevRev gave us the control to optimize our workflows on our own.

Dhruv AgrawalCOO & Co-founder, Shipsy

Snap-ins are add-on modules on DevRev that can automate tasks based on events or pre-defined conditions. Shipsy built out several custom automations on top of DevRev on their own using Snap-ins. They automated the notifications on ageing tickets to different teams within the organization. A custom time-based trigger helped Shipsy stay ahead of any breaches in their support workflows. They also built an approval funnel on top of their ticket information so that Product Managers could segregate important projects and check if they had enough resources to begin!

Top Features

DevRev not just helped implement their Support app but also guided us in improving our support processes. That’s something we truly appreciate.

Dhruv AgrawalCOO & Co-founder, Shipsy
  • PLuG, in-app customer center
  • GPT-powered Turing bot with Sentiment Evaluator
  • Knowledge base management with Smart Import KBs
  • Confluence article import snap-in
  • Team inbox for customer conversations
  • Auto-ticket creation
  • Converge conversations + tickets + issues on same platform
  • Native DevRev - Jira integration
  • SLA management
  • MFZ role based authorization to create tickets

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