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Pixee powers its commitment to a stellar developer experience with DevRev

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Aug 2022


California, USA


Developer Tools & Cybersecurity Software Development

The company

Pixee is an emerging software start-up at the intersection of developer tools, AI and cybersecurity, focusing on eliminating developer toil from security issues and allowing them more time to work on features. Emerging from stealth in mid-2023, they aim to reshape developers' experience with security, by providing automated code hardening and fixing issues found by 3rd party tools, thereby eliminating the manual developer effort. Seamlessly integrated with GitHub, Pixeebot is like having an automated product security engineer paired up with each developer to provide continuous enhancements.

The challenge

Bridging the gap between support, product development, and customer experience

Initially, Pixee came to DevRev to solve a tractable problem. They needed to set the foundation for their customer support infrastructure, but felt that the legacy tools were too clunky for what they needed.

We needed to set the foundation for support infrastructure. Everything out there was way too clunky for what we needed. So I went with the tool that I think can grow with us.

Surag PatelCo-founder & CEO, Pixee

As they learned more about DevRev, they got excited about making a commitment to the entire platform. Maximizing customer support is an important factor, but Pixee wanted to use DevRev to shape the culture of the company. For their users, who are primarily software developers, they want to provide visibility on the roadmap ahead, so they can drive the future evolution of the platform. For their team, they want to assure them that they’re working on the highest impact features. This is an important pillar of Pixee’s culture. They want their team to be very cognizant of what they’re building, who it’s for, the value it adds, and the impact it has on users. This is how they motivate their product builders while delivering an innovative solution.

At a high level, the goal is to establish an ecosystem where support, product development, and customer experience converge, ensuring that the solutions created are tailored to the demanding needs of their users. Given this customer-centric vision, the team resonated with DevRev’s vision and solution to create an intertwined relationship between user feedback, support issues, and product development.

The solution

DevRev’s integration

Pixee employed DevRev to forge a direct link between customer support and product development, ensuring the voice of the developer is embedded directly into the product. This aligns with Pixee's approach toward maintaining an efficient team, enabling them to be responsive to customer needs without inflating their operational requirements.

“Things that make us more effective and more productive are really important to us. We’re a nimble team and we need to be extremely efficient to achieve our aggressive goals while managing costs. For us, it comes down to what we can do from a tooling standpoint to make every individual more productive. Part of that is consolidation of tools. There are a lot of various point solutions that do bits and pieces of little things that aren’t helpful because you need them to be connected together to get the full value of these elements.” - Surag Patel, Co-founder and CEO, Pixee

Top features

Customer-centric development: DevRev is enhancing Pixee's ability to tie support tickets directly to the development process, ensuring efficient ticket resolution and transparent customer communication.

Omnichannel inbox: DevRev’s capacity to bring together diverse communication channels (internal and customer-facing) into one cohesive platform, streamlining the handling of issues and feedback. Pixee strives to build the best developer experience on the market and providing these users a world-class platform for communicating with Pixee is critical.

Product roadmapping: Integrating customer feedback directly into product development, prioritizing features, and updates based directly on user needs and issues.

AI-enhanced processes: Utilizing AI not just to group and categorize issues, but also to remove the manual labor involved in ticket generation and updates.

Integrations and APIs: Facilitating more complex and diverse ways for Pixee to interact with users through additional tool and data integrations.

The results

Customer support and experience

  • Improvement in ticket resolution: Faster, more direct resolution of support tickets, with developers directly involved in resolving issues.
  • Transparent customer communication: Customers are given a clear view of issue resolution progress and upcoming features designed to address their specific concerns.
  • Customer satisfaction: By providing timely updates with direct communication from developers at Pixee, their users have a significantly improved experience.

Development and product evolution

  • Enhanced development velocity: Faster closure times on bugs and enhancement implementations, driven by direct customer feedback and an integrated issue resolution process.
  • Customer-driven product roadmap: A product evolution pathway intrinsically tied to the feedback and issues raised directly by the user base.

Team engagement and culture

  • Aligned team objectives: Developers are not just building; they’re solving direct, tangible issues for users, enhancing team engagement and purpose.
  • Quantitative tracking: Implementing metrics like bug ticket closure time and enhancement closure time to ensure a measurable impact on development velocity.

Operational efficiency

  • Tool consolidation: Uniting multiple functionalities within DevRev, reducing the dependency on various point solutions, and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • AI-driven efficiency: Leveraging AI to eliminate basic administrative work, freeing up team bandwidth to focus on key development and support areas.

Moving forward

Pixee continues to roll out DevRev across their teams, keenly focusing on the minute details that elevate user experience and optimize developmental processes. The feedback loop provided by DevRev is not just a tool but an integrated component of Pixee’s operational and development strategy, ensuring that every line of code developed, every feature introduced, is tied to providing a richer, differentiated experience for their user base.

In a cybersecurity landscape that’s continually evolving, Pixee is ensuring that the future of cybersecurity is not just innovative but also supremely developer-centric.

In Pixee's journey, DevRev is not merely a tool; it's a partner, guiding the pathway to a future where customer experience and product development are not just interconnected but are essentially one team.

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