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Bajaj Finserv uses DevRev for quicker resolutions and better conversions

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The company

Bajaj Finserv is a game-changer in the finance world. Its ‘No-Cost EMI’ is an innovative credit service that helps millions of consumers meet their short-term financial needs. Many such strategic initiatives have propelled the company’s growth over the last decade. Today, Bajaj Finserv is a leader in the non-bank and alternative lending sector. Over 35 million individuals in India trust its apps for various services like loans, insurance, and securities.

The challenge

Digital is fast becoming the new norm for consumption in India. Cheaper devices, faster data transfers, and a prolonged pandemic have accelerated digital growth. Users now expect the best experience from mobile and web apps. But many incumbents still rely on conventional tools and outdated processes to troubleshoot technical issues.

While Bajaj Finserv met the digital demands of its consumers, the development and support teams frequently encountered challenges in resolving app issues. A largely non-tech-savvy user base made it difficult to gather any insights on complaints. Even straightforward requests, such as asking users to share a screenshot of the problem, were met with resistance. Such obstacles restricted the team's ability to resolve the complaints effectively.

Moreover, there was no way to understand how these issues affected conversion journeys. Technical problems like app crashes, UI freezes, and slow performance were disjointed from conversion rates in funnel analysis. Thus understanding drop-offs was incomplete.

For example, Know Your Customer (KYC) is a crucial part of user onboarding on Bajaj Finserv’s apps and each drop-off is a monetary loss. While the team noticed a drop-off on the KYC screen, they did not understand what was going wrong looking at Firebase Analytics. The KYC screen loaded without any performance hiccups. The logs had no functional issues. Had Bajaj Finserv’s team relied solely on traditional tools and methods, identifying the source of the problem would have been a significant challenge.

The solution

Replay and resolve user complaints

DevRev PLuG SDK captures data from mobile and web front-ends in real-time. This enables Bajaj Finserv teams to replay session recordings of complaining users and precisely identify pain points. Support representatives can see what went wrong without asking annoyed users for screenshots or any additional information. Developers can replay and review logs to troubleshoot issues such as JavaScript errors, browser incompatibility, unresponsiveness, and slow loading times.

"Our team wanted to understand and reproduce any technical issue without wasting time. And DevRev tells us exactly what’s bothering our users.”

Anshul Jain, Sr. Lead Software Architect, Bajaj Finserv

Fully informed, efficient escalations

A support representative can look at complaints and understand if it’s a known issue or a new issue. The support team can also check for similar tickets and avoid duplication. When representatives encounter an unknown issue, they can escalate it to the right developer(s) with all the necessary information.

Uncovering the reasons behind drop-offs

Using DevRev, Bajaj Finserv could reveal the reasons for conversion drop-offs. Anshul shared three cases where DevRev helped them identify the leaks and improve user experience:

→ Signup and OTP screen drop-offs were due to performance issues.

→ KYC form drop-offs were due to a confusing date picker UI.

→ Optimizing the Fixed Deposit booking journey for better conversion.

The benefits

DevRev could modernize and seamlessly integrate conversion optimization, troubleshooting, and resolution processes at Bajaj Finserv. The team moved from analyzing through disparate metrics scattered across various tools to a unified analysis.

Faster resolutions

All stakeholders now benefit from a unified information source, fostering seamless collaboration for troubleshooting and issue resolution. This streamlined approach reduces the time spent understanding what went wrong, enabling quicker correction of issues, resulting in faster response times and an improved user experience.

Increased conversions

For Bajaj Finserv, even a fractional drop in conversion rates amounts to a large sum. DevRev not only revealed conversion leaks but also helped in optimizing the conversion journeys.

A seemingly small design flaw that could have flown under the radar with conventional tools was detected and fixed quickly using DevRev.

"Users took 20+ seconds to complete the KYC. We then saw heatmaps and session replay data on DevRev to learn how the date picker functionality was confusing users while adding their date of birth. After shipping an update we could see that users took less than 7 seconds to complete the KYC”

Anshul Jain, Sr. Lead Software Architect, Bajaj Finserv

Improved user experience

Bajaj Finserv now has a continuous feedback mechanism for their app’s experience. With DevRev, their development and support teams have significantly reduced reliance on direct user inquiries for feedback, enabling a more proactive approach to delivering the best user experience.

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