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AR Digital Wealth cuts support TAT by 60% with faster issue solving

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Anand Rathi Digital Wealth






Mumbai, India


Wealth Management

The company

Anand Rathi Digital Wealth (AR Digital Wealth) is a fintech company that leverages technology to significantly expand private wealth solutions. It offers digital solutions to High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) through a mobile-first platform, overseeing clients with assets worth millions. The company is committed to delivering the best digital wealth services to its clients.

The challenge

Unidentifiable onboarding drop-offs

AR Digital Wealth has adopted a digital-first approach, keeping pace with the increasing inclination of investors towards online platforms. Their user-friendly mobile app is designed to enable High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) to access and manage their investments anytime, anywhere. This approach is particularly appealing to tech-savvy customers. However, the app encountered several issues, especially in crucial areas like the onboarding process, which challenged the company's growth.

Kuntal Modi, the Product Manager at AR Digital Wealth, pointed out that diagnosing problems in the app's onboarding process, particularly around the login and splash screens, was challenging. The lack of detailed data made it hard to identify the reasons behind user drop-offs in these early stages of the app experience.

Difficulty mapping user interactions

Modi highlighted the significance of analyzing user interactions and behavior in AR Digital Wealth's app to identify essential touchpoints. Gaining this insight helps implement changes that enhance the app's experience. Initially, the team relied on manual methods such as gathering user feedback and making assumptions to map user journeys. However, this approach became more challenging to scale effectively as the app's user base expanded.

Inability to troubleshoot issues

The development team revealed they were facing challenges in effectively troubleshooting issues such as crashes and Application Not Responding (ANRs) within its mobile app. To address this, they heavily relied on the feedback and screenshots sent by users. This dependency on users' inputs resulted in prolonged identification and resolution times, causing significant delays

The solution

Visual playback of issues

DevRev PLuG helps product teams by providing a video of how users interact with the apps’ login and splash screens. This visual playback aids in pinpointing where users encounter issues and identifying confusing elements. These insights are then shared with the development team, allowing for quick issue resolution and minimizing drop-offs during the onboarding journey.

Furthermore, the PLuG aids in comprehensively analyzing different aspects like user interactions, navigation paths, and specific actions within an application. This capability has allowed for detailed mapping and identifying areas in the mobile app that need enhancement. By understanding these aspects, valuable insights are gained, enabling strategic improvements to the mobile app's user experience.

Replicate all exceptions

Using the DevRev PLuG, the development team replicated and diagnosed issues such as crashes, ANRs, rage taps, and UI freezes accurately. This tool worked in tandem with crash logs and error logs. At the same time, the team was able to conduct in-depth analyses to identify the specific user interactions that lead to rage taps

DevRev ensured that user issues were directly communicated to the product and development teams. This collaborative approach across teams significantly reduced the time required to enhance the user experience, fostering a more efficient resolution process.

The benefits

Reduced turnaround time by up to 60% and increased collaboration

The team utilized DevRev to pinpoint where users had issues during the onboarding journey. This allowed them to quickly address and resolve issues without waiting for user feedback after the error occurred, saving time in issue resolution.

DevRev helped development, product, and support teams to work together more effectively.

“DevRev significantly contributed to reducing issue resolution time and enhancing client app usage by replicating and addressing the reported issues faced by our clients.”

Kuntal Modi, Product Manager, Anand Rathi Digital Wealth

Optimized user journeys

DevRev has transformed AR Digital Wealth's approach to user experience. By diving deep into UX analytics, the team identified and refined key navigational touchpoints. The result? A more intuitive and seamless journey for users, marked by strategically repositioned and redesigned UI elements.

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