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100ms delivers differentiated customer support through a unified channel

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Oct 2020


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Live video

The Company

100ms is a live-video infrastructure and API-first company that enables developers to build and deploy enterprise-class video applications in hours, instead of months.

Kshitij Gupta, co-founder, and CEO, has spent more than fifteen years as a video engineer, and after building the world’s largest live-streaming platform at Disney+ Hotstar, he and his colleagues set out to start 100ms.

Their mission is to bring real-life interactions to the virtual world seamlessly. The company was founded in 2020 when the world became increasingly remote-first, and the need for an infrastructure provider that enabled high-quality video experiences became undeniable.

The Challenge

Providing exceptional customer support means connecting with your customers wherever they are, in real-time. As companies scale, it becomes increasingly difficult to provide the same high standard of service to a growing number of customers — without breaking the bank. In today’s crowded marketplace where it’s possible to get a SaaS company up and running in less than a day, every business has more competition than ever. Making every customer interaction count is what sets companies apart.

100ms has experienced tremendous growth as the demand for live video experiences continues to rise. Its growing customer base of mostly developers prefers swift, real-time communication and support, and the company quickly found itself with over 300 Slack Connect channels. It wasn’t long before this became an issue. Gupta explains, “The biggest problem was interacting with our customers and really understanding the urgency of every conversation. We had over 300 Slack Connect channels for our users. The conversations could go from design discussions to finding bugs to architecture, and there was no way to delineate these conversations from ones where a customer is saying, ‘I’m having an outage right now. I need urgent help”.

Managing and prioritizing customer conversations and requests in Slack was a massive challenge, and the stress of missing something critical in all the noise was keeping the team up at night. They needed a solution that could help them stay on top of thousands of Slack threads in order to maintain the high standard of support their customers had grown to expect. Without the ability to track, measure, and effectively search, valuable customer feedback was lost in the clamor.

The Solution

Kshitij and the team evaluated countless support platforms. Both in their product and process, 100ms is a company at the forefront. They needed a support platform and partner that matched their innovative energy and hustle.

We tried everything... literally everything: Intercom, Freshdesk, Zendesk, every software out there. The problem for new age API first companies is distinct, and none of the existing tools are built for it.

Kshitij GuptaCo-founder & CEO, 100ms

When they discovered DevRev, it just clicked. For 100ms, customer support means developers supporting other developers and they immediately resonated with DevRev’s mission. Now, the company has visibility into every customer interaction. Conversations are grouped so critical problems get resolved faster, and nothing slips through the cracks.

Because of this, Gupta says they’re able to make customer support a competitive advantage for their business, “Even being a deeply technical company, the biggest differentiator we have is customer support.

Every time I speak to our customers, they tell me how awesome our customer support team is. When we were just using Slack, I was concerned about scaling. Now with DevRev, we’ll be able to scale and maintain the same level of support.

Kshitij GuptaCo-founder & CEO, 100ms

Top Features

  • PLuG, in-app customer center
  • Multi-channel inbox for Slack, Email, and PLuG
  • Bidirectional sync with Jira
  • Ticket clustering and attribution to product
  • Automatic updates to converge with development
  • Customized automatic responses Customer record management Knowledge base deflection Metric and insights

The Benefits

  • Support is a competitive differentiation
  • Scale to 100s of customers with <5 support engineers
  • High touch and personalized support Accelerated path to paid support tier
  • Enhanced productivity and less context switching

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